Backdrop - Redux

The former site of Corey along the Buena Vista Branch Line will now house the Spreckels Sugar Factory. Fortunately, Corey was to the immediate south of the Factory, so the backdrop is accurate for each location.

After the recent events in the layout room, I finally have the space put back together and ready for the layout to come back. The only downside is that in the time since the construction has finished, I've come to enjoy the open space down here - especially because it has to serve as an office until things get back to normal. 

June, 2020

April, 2020

I decided that I wanted to keep some of the available floorspace, and elected to adjust the trackplan to keep to the walls. I did this by moving the Spreckels Sugar Factory to the wall that previously held the Corey stop along the Buena Vista Branch Line.  Well, that's the current plan at least. By my guess, the new Factory location will be about 4' x 2', allowing for larger buildings, and possibly an engine services facility. 

An early construction image of the Sugar Factory peninsula jutting out into the middle of the room. The Buena Vista Branch is on the right of the image.

The Sugar Factory peninsula relocated to the wall

Additional benchwork will be needed here

Sanborn Fire Insurance map from 1919

Before committing to any of that, however, I wanted to reinstall the backdrop. Originally, this was done by attaching the MDF directly to the wall brackets used to install the benchwork. 

That worked fine, it was a hassle trying to get everything secure and straight though. To remedy this, I opted to install some 1x3 strips along the top of the wall brackets. These are to the brackets with scraps of wood pressure fit into the top. In theory, the whole construction can be removed by lifting it directly up. 

It isn't the most clear, but there are scraps of wood connecting the 1x3 to the brackets 

The corners are joined together. Even without any connection to the wall, the backdrop framing is pretty secure

Currently, I've got the backdrop reinstalled. The next step is to repaint the majority of it, and then I can bring the layout sections back in.  I've also ordered some LED strip lighting that I think may be useful for simulating night operations. I think that if I attach them along the 1x3 directly behind the backdrop, they will give off enough soft blue lighting to feel dark without making things too hard to see. 

The reinstalled backdrop ready for paint. The left side leads to Moss Landing, while Spreckels will begin on the right of the image


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