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Hidden Treasures

As noted before, I’ve begun to enjoy the historical research side of the hobby. Whenever I find something new (or new to me), I feel like I’ve found a hidden treasure that’s been lost for the last 100 or so years. 

Recently, I found a handful of original photographs taken of the last remaining engines on the PVCRR taken between 1930 and 1932, as they sat abandoned just outside of Spreckels. Prior to abandonment, there were nine engines still in service. After the railroad was sold to the Southern Pacific in 1929, all nine engines were parked on a siding to await their fate (the scrap torch, in 1935). 
The photographs came in two batches. The first I found included three pictures (locomotives #5, #7, and #8). These photographs include details about the locomotive in each picture written on the back.

Included in the notes are the locomotive number, wheel arrangement, manufacturer, date of production, build number, wheel diameter, engine type (?), weight, and something called "T.F.&qu…

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