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Spreckels Sugar I and II

I decided to mix things up, fast forward about fifty years, and build a few diesels for the railroad. The base of each engine started as the Bachmann GE-44ton.

Spreckels Sugar 1 was, more or less, just a repaint. I moved the horn, and made some other minor changes. I decided to paint it to match the picture I have from 1947. I tried to duplicate the warning stripes on the body through decals, but they were too thin. I ended up doubling up the decals to create wider stripes. Doing this meant that I had to do each one individually. I didn't worry about the thickness on the sides of the shell. I didn't have a color image available from this time period, so I just guessed at the coloring. 

I didn't realize it until I started, but No. 1 and No. 2 do not have the same body. In order to create a better version of Spreckels Sugar No. 2, I had to extend the walkways around the shell, add additional body hatches, and remove the molded-on front grill. Because of the changes to the walk…

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