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I applied some stain to the fascia this weekend. The original plan was to leave the wood unfinished, but I gave this a shot and am pleased with the result. The station markers tell you which stop/location you're at. One idea is to install larger ones at station stops, denoting the mile post, direction of travel, etc., and using the smaller ones to label river crossings, or other landmarks. I used inexpensive brass label holders, as well as brass screws to install the fascia, to create a uniform finished look.

Installing and staining the fascia adds a nice touch to parts of the layout that are still very much under construction. I've got a few more pieces to install, but for the most part, this step is complete.

Products Used:
Fascia - 1/8" plywood Stain - Varathane Dark Walnut Station Marker - Brass 60mm x 17mm Label Holder

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