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Backdrops pt. 2

I visited the Salinas Valley recently, and took the opportunity to take a lot of research pictures of the hills and plants surrounding the Salinas River / former Pajaro Valley Consolidated right-of-way. 

Unfortunately, it was a bit foggy/hazy-because-California-is-on-fire-again, so I was unable to get clear shots of the hills to use as reference for the backdrop along the Buena Vista Branch. However, I did get a chance to see the mountains as I drove around, and found a location that I could later pull up on Google Earth. The clear imagery that Google captured was taken in November 2017, and I visited in November 2018, so I felt comfortable using both sets of images as my starting point. 

The following two images were captured from Google Earth. They were taken approximately one mile to the north of Spreckels. 

I began by creating a panorama of the entire length of the hills that I wanted to capture in the backdrop. These images were printed on two sheets of 11" x 17" paper, wh…

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