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I recently finished the first of many sugar beet wagons for the layout.

This neat model was built from an N Scale Architect IHC Farm Wagon kit. This is an etched brass kit that goes together with superglue and some tweezers. Assembly is fairly straightforward. I primed the metal with some gray spray paint before beginning construction, and painted the various components along the way.

The figure is from Preiser, he was originally holding a fishing pole. The horses are from a Noch wagon set.

The sugar beets provided the biggest delay in the project. I wanted to capture the irregular look of sugar beets, and wasn't sure how to do that. I considered using ballast or other smashed rock products, but those looked too much like smashed rocks.

In the end, I settled on cork roadbed, broken and chipped to make irregular edges. I drybrushed the cork various shades of browns and grays.

I'll probably need at least 12 - 15 more of these to fill the layout, so.... that's a lot of tiny m…

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