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Passing it On

I don’t remember the first time I let my 2.5-year-old run trains on our N scale layout, but it was definitely before he could stand on his own. I’d hold him up and let him turn the throttle up and down. Once he realized exactly what was going on, he was hooked. Eventually he got to the point where he could stand in a chair and watch as his train speed around the track. Within a few months’ time, it got to the point where I’d come home from work and he’d motion for me to come with him as he ran over to the basement door to play “choo-choo”. Now we are at the point where if he wants to play with the “cool big black choo-choo”, I give the go ahead, and he races downstairs, turns the power on, and begins running trains. He’s mastered the throttle, he can start, stop, and change direction with ease. Honking the horn, ringing the bell, and turning the lights on and off adds to his enjoyment. He is content to just drive around in circles, ringing the bell. Occasionally, he stops and tells me…

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