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Preventable Problems

The last two weeks saw the construction and installation of the benchwork for both the Spreckels Sugar Refinery, and the town of Spreckels, on my PVCRR. Construction of the benchwork was straightforward, and followed the same design standards I used during the construction of the Buena Vista Branch.
After the initial design was done (final measurements taken, and wood purchased), I became complacent. The construction itself is sound, the corners are more or less square, and the joints are tight. I knew what I was planning on building, the new benchwork construction is divided into two segments. The factory peninsula is 4’ x 1’, and the town of Spreckels is on a frame that is 4' x 1' (the last 12" are 8" deep). I built them independent of one another and bolted them together once they were in place on the preinstalled shelf brackets. Here’s where I ran into trouble. The factory peninsula is four feet long, jutting out into the layout room. I had planned on securely at…

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