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Bringing Power To The Railroad

The Pajaro Valley Consolidated had a small stable of narrow gauge locomotives. One roster I've seen lists 11 engines, including two 2-4-2T, six 2-6-0, two 2-6-2T, and one 2-4-4T. The first ten of these were built by Baldwin, while the 2-4-4T was built by Schenectady. I believe an early 2-4-2T was sold off to make room for a 2-6-0, giving them a maximum of ten engines at one time, which is nice because that's a realistic number of engines to model, should I attempt to model them all.

For my first PVCRR locomotive project, I decided to create a standard gauge version of one of their 2-6-0s. PVCRR #6 was built by Baldwin and delivered to the railroad sometime between 1898 and 1900. In October of 1914, while crossing the Salinas River, a span of the just-rebuilt-due-to-a-flood-nine-months-earlier bridge gave way, sending #6 and a handful of cars crashing the dry river bed below. The engine was repaired and put back into service until its abandonment in the early 1930s.

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