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Moss Landing - On the Edge

PCSS Co. Warehouse #1. The PVCRR used the exterior siding, while the PCSS used horses to bring cars into the building for loading/unloading I've been working on a handful of projects over the last few months, with the main focus being on the Moss Landing section of the layout.  I drilled dozens of holes and used rounded strip wood (~1/8" diameter), cut to 1" in length. I then capped the piers with square stripwood, 1/8" x 1/8". The decking is scale stripwood 8" x 12" Clear acrylic track bumper. I saw something similar on a layout tour a few years ago, and really liked the idea In order to complete the trackwork on the wye, I needed to first build the pier that that the Pacific Coast Steamship Co.'s warehouse #1 sat on. The tail of the PVC's wye ran parallel to the warehouse, while the PCSS Co. had a length of track that ran through the warehouse. From what I can tell, both tracks were laid atop the pier that supported the warehouse, and extende

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