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PVC Flatcars

At its peak, the Pajaro Valley Consolidated had around 24 flatcars, plus 4 flatcars-turned-tankcars, and 1 flatcar turned MOW weedsprayer. These cars made up approximately 15% of the total fleet. To get the same ratio of cars on the layout, I would need to make 4 flatcars, 1 or 2 tankcars, and 1 MOW flatcar.  To do this, I started with the Fine N-Scale 38' truss rod flatcar. I like the company's 36' truss rod boxcar kits , and the flatcars go together just as nicely.  The middle 8 scale feet bring removed I made some slight changes to the model during the assembly process. I removed approximately 8 scale feet from the center of the car, bringing the length to 30 scale feet. Doing this made the flatcars slightly shorter than the boxcars (36 scale feet long), which felt more appropriate for the railroad.  I added 15" grab irons from BLMA Models on each corner or the car, and sanded away the molded on ones.  I built new cross braces (?) from stripwood. I didn't worry

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