Moss Landing - On the Edge

PCSS Co. Warehouse #1. The PVCRR used the exterior siding, while the PCSS used horses to bring cars into the building for loading/unloading

I've been working on a handful of projects over the last few months, with the main focus being on the Moss Landing section of the layout. 

I drilled dozens of holes and used rounded strip wood (~1/8" diameter), cut to 1" in length. I then capped the piers with square stripwood, 1/8" x 1/8". The decking is scale stripwood 8" x 12"

Clear acrylic track bumper. I saw something similar on a layout tour a few years ago, and really liked the idea

In order to complete the trackwork on the wye, I needed to first build the pier that that the Pacific Coast Steamship Co.'s warehouse #1 sat on. The tail of the PVC's wye ran parallel to the warehouse, while the PCSS Co. had a length of track that ran through the warehouse. From what I can tell, both tracks were laid atop the pier that supported the warehouse, and extended out into the ocean. 

Once the pier was complete, I needed to finish the PVC's trestle across the river. Once this was finally finished, I could lay the track. 

The PVCRR trestle

Postcard showing the PVCRR Trestle

The pier and trestle were built from 1/8" diameter dowels, and 1/8" x 1/8" stripwood. Scale 8" x 12" ties with hand laid rail finished the bridge. The beach sand/scenery was installed after the pilings were placed, but before the wood decking. I am well aware that the sand and pilings under the warehouse will never be seen, but I decided to install them anyway. The decking is placed directly on top of the pilings, so there's some structural reason for them to be there. 

I still need to finish the PCSS Co.'s trestle, and then I'll be able to lay their tracks through the warehouse. 

After completing the pier, things sat dormant for a bit, until I finally jumped in to build some backdrop structures representing the town of Moss Landing. I don't know what they all are, there's a hotel, saloon, and barn, as well as another building. Things are a bit compressed, but I believe I got their placement, and size, somewhat accurate to how things were. 

The large building is the Moss Landing House (hotel), a saloon is to the left, and I'm unsure of the other building. The barn was part of the Moss Landing House, and occasionally was home to dances and parties. 

Products Used
Piers and Dock:
Midwest Products - Scale 8" x 12" stripwood #8017
1/8" diameter dowels
1/8" x 1/8" square stripwood

Moss Landing Structures:
Misc strip styrene and siding
Misc windows (Grandt Line)
GCLaser - Shingles
The N Scale Architect - Windmill


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