Adding History


In researching pictures of the old Pacific Steamship Co.'s warehouses at Moss Landing, I noticed what appeared to be an old barn. I decided it was worth modeling, even without knowing much, if anything, about it. 

This image is from sometime between 1906 and the 1910s, the barn structure is to the right of the center.

Zoom way in, and you see this.

Using some styrene sheet, I built a simple structure that more or less captures the look of what I see in this picture. It looks like sand was blown up against it, so I decided to model a long neglected structure. 

In my version of history, the barn was one of many used by the Steamship Co. to house their horses required to move railcars around the warehouses located on piers not strong enough to support locomotives. After the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, the majority of the warehouses fell. In my re-telling, the barn shifted and became somewhat buried and un-usable. Including the model adds some history to the scene. 

Products Used

Evergreen Styrene - V-Groove Siding #2040 - .040" Spacing
Evergreen Strip Styrene - #100 - .010" x .020" Strips (used to represent the barn's support structure through the cracks)
Builders In Scale - Shake Shingles


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